FitDesk 2.0 FDX Review

The FitDesk 2.0 FDX is known as the most versatile upright exercise bike. The need for comfort is a reality that many people face because most people’s job entails sitting down for many hours in front of their computers or workstations.

Many people have been in the situation where their seat was too firm, and they ended up with severe back pain, which can take months to recover from, which is the reason why the FitDesk 2.0 has been engineered for the utmost comfort in mind.

Although the bike may be strange looking at first glance, the machine doubles as a workstation and exercise platform for you to quickly get into shape from the comfort of your desk.

fitdesk 2.0 review

Design of the desk

The design of the Fit Desk 2.0 is unique as it combines an adjustable 16” x 19” desk surface for your laptop, and it is foldable and lightweight as well. With this product, you will be able to schedule meetings, talk to your friends, and surf the web without stopping your exercise program.

The Fit Desk 2.0 could be your perfect solution if you simply don’t have the time to take your eyes off the screen, but you are still cognizant of your overall health and fitness. Most people are aware that sitting down for extended periods of time can be bad for your body, which is why the Fit Desk can help you stay healthy and active.

Adjusting the resistance

There are eight different levels of resistance to the fit desk, which can be adjusted with a simple turn of a knob. The magnetic resistance employed means you can experience a quiet and smooth workout, and it will not distract you from being productive.

There are some upper body resistance bands included. These bands can work out your chest and arms when you have a spare moment, as well as operating the cycle. The Fit Desk 2.0 gives you a full body workout.

Comfort and ease of use

It’s not often that we get to workout while sitting down and doing some work at the same time. If you need a break from your job, you can lie back on the seat or use the included massage rollers on your arms to recover.

The FDX is known as a semi-recumbent bike as well, as which means it includes a backrest and extender for effective workouts. The seat is adjustable to any position that works for you, and you can easily get a right fit if your height is between 4’10, ” and feet feel tall. The maximum weight for the device is 250 pounds.

For an exercise bike, the FDX is silent. Because when you are working even the slightest sound can make you lose your train of thought. The FDX will allow you to get your work done without distractions or interruptions.


The device was designed similar to a stationary bike to hold a laptop, and there is a storage drawer of considerable size as well. This increases the functionality of the Fit Desk 2.0 to make it very practical, as everything you could want is quite literally within arm’s reach, all without needing to get off your bike.

You can store all manner of things in the included drawer, including cell phones, pencils, notepads, and over small items you could think of.


It can be hard to fault the bike or find any glaring negative aspects to it. It’s one of those rare products on the market that seems almost too good to be true. The only thing that could be improved upon is if the bike had an easily accessible resistance meter that tracks the time and calories burned in front of the stand. The included display can only be seen if you close your laptop, which could be considered to be a minor annoyance.

The Fit Desk 2.0 is a unique and revolutionary product not only in the sphere of exercise equipment but for office gear and accessories as well. There are no other products on the market that allow you to get an intense workout without distracting yourself from doing the work that ultimately pays the bills.

You can see the updated pricing and shipping information for the Fit Bike 2.0 by clicking the link above. There you will be taken to the Bike’s page on Amazon, and you can read and ask questions posted by other verified purchasers of the same product.


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