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Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycle Bikes Review

We tried the Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Bikes and were surprised to their superior levels of quality, comfort and craftsmanship. These entry-level home exercise equipment prices aren’t reflective of the top-level quality of the Sunny Health and Fitness brands. In this review, show you why their bikes stand up to the competition, the great features of Sunny Health and Fitness bikes and the difference between the models currently on the market.

upright exercise bike


Sunny Health and Fitness Over is a relatively new brand to the home exercise market. For the last 15 years, they established themselves as a solid home exercise equipment distributor with surprisingly competitive prices. Instead of making the machines themselves, they import exercise equipment from manufactures in Taiwan. By not owning the factories, Sunny Health and Fitness keeps down overhead, which allows them to sell bikes for cheaper than competitors. Often, price correlates with value—but Sunny Health and Fitness offers low prices with impeccable value, performance and features because of a globalized business model.

Sunny Health and Fitness also boasts some of the best customer service in the home fitness industry. If you call they’re office, a real person will answer the phone in their L.A. office. On the unlikely chance something happens to your machine, Sunny Health and Fitness will make it easy to fix.


All of Sunny Health and Fitness bikes are optimized for exercise and ease-of-use. These bikes seek to deliver a no-frills approach to exercise equipment, and instead focus on the features that matter most.

Often, what people first notice about Sunny Health and Fitness bikes is their size. These sleek, compact exercise bikes are lightweight and easy to move. There’s wheels on the front of the bike to make it easy to store and maneuver around your house, even a tiny apartment. If you’re living in a small city apartment on a budget, these bikes are a great choice for you.

Once you sit on the machine, you’ll see how easy it is to adjust it to your height and dimensions. There’s an adjustable seat and handlebars that make it so the bike feels best for you. The seat is made of soft padded leather so it doesn’t ride up on your legs or thighs. It can be adjusted up and down as well as back and forth. It was designed for long sessions of sitting. The handles are also adjustable for height. They’re padded and ergonomically designed, so they’re always comfortable to hold. In between the handles is a compartment for your book or tablet if you want to workout and multi-task.

After starting your workout, you’ll see that the Sunny Health and Fitness flywheels are the bike’s best feature. These high quality, solid steel wheels are what make the bike’s ride so smooth and efficient. By boosting up the weight of the wheel, the bike allows more resistance for your workout. The wheel accurately simulates the feeling of riding outdoors, without the weird haltering sputters of other exercise bikes. Adjusting the resistance is as easy as turning the resistance knob.

As you ride, you’ll notice the bike’s pedals are also top notch. With firm rubber foot straps and a simple, chain drive, just like a real outdoor bike, this bike rides fast and easy. No matter how intense your workouts, this bike will keep up with you.

All the Sunny Health and Fitness indoor bikes are elegantly simple. They allow you to get fast movement for burning the maximum amount of calories. The bikes don’t have the same features as the multiple-thousands of dollars exercise bikes at the gym. However, for such a low price point, Sunny Health and Fitness makes a quality bike not often matched by its competition.


There are currently four models of Sunny Health and Fitness indoor cycling bikes: the B901, the B901B, the SF-B1423C and the B1421B. These names are a little confusing, so let’s break it down by each model.

The B901 has a 40 pound fly wheel and a chain drive. The B901B is the same bike in all respects, except it has a belt drive instead of a chain drive. The B901 is less expensive; however, if you know you want a belt drive instead of a chain, the B901B is still on the low end of home exercise equipment price.

Then, there’s the SF-B1423C and the B1421B. These models have an electronic resistance and a workout displace. If you want your machine to calculate distance, time and calories, then you’ll want to spend for the upgrade to the B1421 models. Like with the non-electronic models, the B1421B has a belt drive, while the B1423C has a chain drive. This is a matter of preference, so we recommend trying a model at a local fitness store.

Which one should you buy? This depends on preference. All of these bikes were engineered with the same degree of quality. Our only problem with the B901 is it’s lack of electronic monitoring. These electronics make it easy for users to track workout goals and get recordable data to map out fitness progress. So, if you have the money to upgrade to the B1421B, you’ll be able to easier monitor your progress. As for belt verses chain, belt is an overall smoother ride, but chain offers more resistance. There are benefits to both, including chain’s lower cost than belt.


The Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycle Bikes are top of the line in the entry-level price of home exercise equipment. They’re small, sleek, and easy to store; engineered with high-intensity, low-impact workouts in mind, and incredible quality for a low price. If you want electronic monitoring, the B1421 models offer these options. However, if you want a no-frills, no-electronics indoor cycle bike, we recommend the B901 models. These bikes are perfect for people who want a simple machine that lets them easily get their workout in from the comfort of their own home and achieve personal fitness goals.

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